Video Intercom System

Video intercom systems are communication systems that allow visual and audio communication between two or more points within a building or property. They are commonly used for controlling access, enhancing security, and facilitating communication between individuals at different locations.

Your home is an expression of yourself, and with the ABB Door Entry Systems, you won’t compromise impressive style for innovative technology. The system is more than just a door video system – it is the future of smart home monitoring and security at your fingertips. Depending on your requirements for a smart home, you have the choice between the ABB-Welcome 2-wire and ABB-Welcome IP systems.

ABB Welcome product applications for Multi apartment, Mid-size commercial and High-end residential.

Video intercom systems consist of the following components:
Outdoor Unit: The outdoor unit, also known as the door station or entrance panel, is installed at the main entrance or gate. It typically contains a camera, microphone, and speaker, allowing visitors to communicate with occupants inside the building.
Indoor Unit: The indoor unit, also known as the master station or monitor, is located inside the building or residence. It includes a display screen, microphone, and speaker for video and audio communication with the outdoor unit. Indoor units may have additional features such as touchscreens, buttons for door release, and integration with other systems.
Camera: The camera in the outdoor unit captures video of visitors at the entrance. It allows occupants to see and identify visitors before granting access. Some video intercom systems feature cameras with night vision or wide-angle lenses for improved visibility.
Microphone and Speaker: The microphone and speaker in both the outdoor and indoor units enable two-way audio communication. This allows occupants to speak with visitors and vice versa, enhancing security and convenience.
Display Screen: The indoor unit is equipped with a display screen to show the live video feed from the outdoor unit. The screen provides occupants with a clear view of the visitor and their surroundings.
Door Release Function: Some video intercom systems include a door release function, which allows occupants to remotely unlock or open the door or gate for authorized visitors. This feature is often integrated with electronic door locks or access control systems.
Connectivity and Integration: Video intercom systems may utilize wired or wireless connectivity, depending on the system’s design and installation requirements. They can also integrate with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, or home automation systems, for comprehensive monitoring and control.
Recording and Storage: Advanced video intercom systems may have recording capabilities, allowing the capture and storage of video and audio data for later review or reference. This can be useful for security purposes or documentation.

Video intercom systems provide enhanced security by enabling visual identification of visitors and controlling access to the premises. They offer convenience and peace of mind by allowing occupants to communicate with visitors without physically opening the door. Video intercom systems find applications in residential buildings, commercial establishments, gated communities, offices, and other locations where controlled access and communication are essential.


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