Wiring Accessories

Wiring accessories are devices used in electrical installations to connect, protect, and control electrical circuits and equipment. They are an essential part of electrical systems and play a crucial role in providing safe and efficient electrical connections.

ABB has a wide range of wiring accessories to meet all the requirements for Indoor, Outdoor, etc. The products we deal are of in wide range of colors which best match with the interior requirements. Some of the wiring accessories which we dealt with are light switches and socket outlets, which includes Dimmers, Socket Outlets, Data Communication Outlets, USB Chargers, Movement Detectors, Thermostats, Timers. Residential products are designed and manufactured by ABB are future oriented and of high quality.

Here are some common types of wiring accessories:
Switches: Switches are devices used to control the flow of electrical current in a circuit. They enable users to turn lights, appliances, and other electrical devices on or off. Examples include toggle switches, rocker switches, and dimmer switches.
Power Outlets: Power outlets, also known as sockets or receptacles, provide a point of connection for electrical devices to receive power. They come in various configurations, such as single outlets, double outlets, and outlets with built-in USB ports.
Plug Tops: Plug tops, or plugs, are devices used to connect electrical devices to power outlets. They have prongs or pins that fit into the socket contacts, establishing an electrical connection.
Junction Boxes: Junction boxes are enclosures used to house and protect electrical connections. They provide a safe environment for joining and securing electrical wires together. Junction boxes also help prevent electrical hazards by containing potential sparks or short circuits.
Electrical Enclosures: Electrical enclosures are cabinets or boxes that house electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers, fuses, or control panels. They provide protection against physical damage, dust, and moisture, ensuring the safety and longevity of electrical components.
Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers are devices designed to protect electrical circuits from overcurrents, short circuits, and electrical faults. They automatically interrupt the flow of electricity when a fault occurs, preventing damage to the circuit and equipment.
Wiring Ducts and Trunking: Wiring ducts and trunking are channels or conduits used to organize and protect electrical wiring. They provide a neat and structured pathway for wires, preventing tangling and facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting.
Cable Management: Cable management accessories include cable ties, clips, and conduits that help organize and secure electrical cables. They ensure proper routing and prevent cables from becoming tangled or damaged.
Terminal Blocks: Terminal blocks are connectors used to join and terminate electrical wires. They provide a secure and reliable connection point for multiple wires or cables.
Cable Glands: Cable glands are used to secure and seal cables entering an electrical enclosure or equipment. They provide strain relief and protection against dust, moisture, and vibration.


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