Guest Room Management System

A Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is a technology solution designed specifically for managing and controlling various amenities and systems in hotel guest rooms. It provides guests with enhanced comfort, convenience, and control over their room environment while offering hotel operators improved efficiency, energy savings, and streamlined operations.

ACS’s guest room management systems (GRMS) provide an innovative and efficient way to control various aspects of hotel rooms, including lighting, heating/cooling, curtains, TV, music systems, and more.

GRMS can be integrated with the Building Management System in order to enable global management of the building and the hotel’s operations.

Maximum comfort for the guest, economy and efficiency for the owner, optimum work processes for the personnel. Your requirements are realized professionally with the hotel installations.

Key components and features in Guest Room Management Systems:
Room Control Unit (RCU): The Room Control Unit is a central control panel located in the guest room that allows guests to manage various room functions. It typically includes controls for lighting, temperature, window shades or curtains, TV, audio, and other amenities.
Lighting Control: GRMS enables guests to control the lights in their room, including individual fixtures, dimming levels, and pre-set lighting scenes for different purposes or moods. This allows guests to customize the lighting environment according to their preferences.
Temperature Control: The GRMS provides guests with control over the room’s temperature settings, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Guests can adjust the temperature to their comfort level for a pleasant stay.
Curtain and Shade Control: Motorized curtains or shades can be integrated into the GRMS, allowing guests to open or close them with the touch of a button or through automation. This provides privacy, light control, and energy efficiency.
Entertainment Control: GRMS often includes controls for in-room entertainment systems, such as TVs, audio systems, and streaming services. Guests can switch channels, adjust volume, and access multimedia content from a central interface.
Energy Management: Guest Room Management Systems can contribute to energy savings by implementing occupancy-based controls. When guests leave the room, the system can automatically turn off lights, adjust temperature settings, and power down non-essential devices, reducing energy consumption.
Integration with Property Management System (PMS): GRMS can be integrated with the hotel’s Property Management System, allowing seamless communication between guest room controls and the front desk. This integration enables guest preferences and settings to be automatically configured upon check-in and updated during the stay.
Guest Services: Some GRMS solutions provide additional guest services through the control panel, such as room service ordering, housekeeping requests, wake-up calls, and other hotel-specific features.

Guest Room Management Systems enhance the guest experience by providing intuitive control over room amenities and creating a personalized environment. For hotel operators, GRMS helps streamline operations, optimize energy usage, and improve guest satisfaction. The specific features and capabilities of a Guest Room Management System may vary depending on the provider and the hotel’s specific requirements.


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